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When you are struggling to make a decision, you hear two voices in your head; one telling you to do one thing, and the other the opposite. These two voices are often the forces of good and evil that naturally exist. As said by David Daiches, The most powerful, the most irresistible, the most tenacious forces that reside in the depths of human nature…do have a relation to the elemental forces at work in the natural world. (Daiches) These forces are often used in literary works as the basis of conflict. One such example is in Emily Brontes literary masterpiece Wuthering Heights. In this novel, she relates the English estates of Thrushcross Grange to good, peace and tranquility and Wuthering Heights to evil, disorder and danger.

This appealing image is the vision Bronte supplies for Thrushcross Grange. The Grange is the peaceful retreat for Catherine Earnshaw, a main character in the novel, after she is mauled by the Lintons dogs. She then returns from the Grange as a prim and proper lady, well educated in the mannerisms of a society. It could be argued that Catherine married Edgar Linton, to achieve the peace that the Grange provides. Isabella, who is Edgars sister, and Edgar took Catherine under their wing and protected her. As said by Nelly Dean, it was not honeysuckle bending to the thorn but the honeysuckle embracing the thorn. (Bronte, 85) The Grange provided peace and tranquility for all those who inhabited it.

This horrifying picture is the evil of Wuthering Heights. Wuthering Heights is extremely disorderly, with little natural beauty; exactly the opposite of the Grange. By the end of the novel the house begins to make a transformation I saw she had persuaded [Hareton] to clear a large space of ground from currant and gooseberry bushes, and they were busy planning together an importation of plants from the Grange. (Bronte, 8) This demonstrates the mixture of the two forces and the need for balance between the two. The house creates a negative mood for all those who inhabit it and in some cases cause them to become violent. One such example is when Heathcliff, the protagonist in the novel, beats Linton, his son, who becomes sick and eventually dies due to negligent care. Therefore, evil is the dominant force presiding at Wuthering Heights.

The two opposing forces shown in the houses were also displayed in each of the characters. For instance Edgar and Isabella were both happy and carefree children, who had everything that they could ever want or need. Young Catherine was also a good child, always in high spirits and very caring. Nelly Dean an inhabitant of both houses was portrayed as a neutral character so that she could take on the role of objective narrator. Catherine and Heathcliff, whose primary residence is at the Heights, are struggled to find their place and in the process, destroyed the people around them. Catherines brother Hindley was cruel and callous since he was born and he became worse and, as a result banished Heathcliff, to a life as a servant. The characters attitudes were strongly influenced by the house they resided in and the dominant force on that house.

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